Dress Code (Uniform)

  • White formal shirt with maroon colour strips on the pocket. One strip for BG 1st and 2nd semester, 2 strips for BG 3rd & 4th semester, and 3 strips for BG 5th & 6th semester.
  • Jet Black formal pants, regular fit.
  • Black v shaped sweater/blazer
  • Black shoes and socks.
  • Grey colour pants and grey colour shirt during winters.
  • White frock and shalwar with maroon colour strips on the left corner of frock. One strip for BG 1st and 2nd semester, 2 strips for BG 3rd & 4th semester, and 3 strips for BG 5th & 6th semester.
  • White snow colour  dupatta without frills and laces. (Plain)
  • Black v shaped sweater/blazer.
  • Black leather shoes without heels and white socks.
  • Grey colour frock and Shalwar during winters.

College rules and regulations for students

In order to maintain discipline and integrity within the college premises rules and regulations are being drafted by the college discipline committee from time to time. Following are the rules and regulation currently in vogue within the college campus which govern the conduct of student community in the college.

  • Only those students are allowed to enter within the college premises who are presently enrolled as a regular mode student of the college.
  • Students are allowed to enter the college during working days from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM. No student will be allowed to pass through college gate beyond 10:30 AM.
  • Students can leave the college only after 3:30 PM. However, if anyone needs to go outside the college premises on urgent basis during college hours he/she is obliged to take permission from the college principle or the person authorized by principal in such situation.
  • Dress code/ uniform is mandatory for all the students.
  • Mobile phones are completely banned within the college premises. If anyone is caught having brought mobile phone within the college premises he/she is liable to punishment. Mobile phones once taken away from students will not be returned back at any cost.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college. Anyone found indulging in ragging of other students will be dealt strictly under rules. Ragging may lead to the cancellation of admission and expulsion from the college.
  •   It is mandatory for all the students to carry valid identity cards issued by college authorities. It should be produced on demand by any college official at any time.
  • No student will be allowed to enter college gate without college Identity card.
  • It is impressed upon all the students to keep the college surroundings neat and clean.
  • Students are obliged to participate in all the programmes/seminars/conferences conducted by the college administration within college premises.
  •   Books issued from library should be returned back in time. Overdue books will lead to a fine of Rs 2 per book per day.
  • Any kind of hooliganism is not allowed in the college campus. Students involved in such activities will be punished sternly.
  • It is obligatory on part of students to maintain decorum in the college. Misbehaving students may be punished and suspended from the college.