Subject URDU
Year of Establishment 2008
Faculty Available 02
Present roll of students 499
Semester wise roll of students (2020) Ist sem:32

2nd sem:265

4th sem:110

5th sem= 92

Educational qualification


Fida Hussain wani (M.A Net/Set Mphll)


E-mail [email protected]
Contact no 6006056123



Urdu is combination of different languages of words (Arabic, Persian , Sanskrit ,Hindi , Turkish) with the incorporation of these words is existing to prepare yeast for a mixed language. This language flourished about one thousand years from its evolution, passed through different stages faced alterations. Despite being that this language progressing and is still surviving among us. The language depicts a character of cultural diversity , Hindu Muslim brotherhood , mutual cooperation , uniformity , fraternity and a unique secular sense and has also set an excellent example of communal  harmony and national integrity among us, not only this, Urdu is a language that reflects the signs of GangaJamini  composite culture. It played a crucial role in the freedom struggle of India against British.

Urdu is an expression of mental ideas in the form of Metaphors, Smiles with the presentation of concinnity. Urdu is an official language of our state but unfortunately it has not been given the due proper status, due to some unknown circumstances. It is not being implemented wholly and solly on the official level properly and now this language demands serious concerns and attention of the Govt. It is enlisted in the eighth schedule in the constitution of India.